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Henna, or mehndi is transformation, from the busy rituals of daily life, and a call to PAUSE.
Take a DEEP breath, inhale the aroma of essential oils and henna.
Watch as lines string together and become patterns.
Patterns become STORIES woven into intricate pieces of body ART.
Creating henna designs is a UNIQUE language, so SWEET that once you experience it you will thirst for more. Come take a seat with me, and let’s get to know one another and build a design so DISTINCTIVE, it can only be for YOU.
Henna is a gateway to exploring rich cultures, traditions, and history of the world. Let me take you on a journey of exploration that will expand your horizons.
This is why I create henna designs.
                   I am Arooj. I am an ARTIST. I AM, Master of Henna.

Located in Olathe, Kansas Arooj is inspired by her cultural influence to create beautiful designs for all occasions. As an artist she has the innate talent for creating designs without guides. She has been creating henna designs since she was five and began offering her talent as a professional artist seven years ago in Cleveland, Ohio. She mixes her own henna paste from the best and natural henna powder using the purest of essential oils, lemon juice and sugar.

Henna is natural tea like plant that grows in tropical regions. The leaves are harvested, dried and crushed into powder which is mixed into a creamy paste to create intricate body art designs for all celebrations in life. Natural henna is a temporary stain that is released into the top layer of your skin, activated by body heat. So naturally the warmer you are the darker the stain. Natural henna stains vary from an orange brown to burnt burgundy depending on the chemistry of the skin and henna.

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Natural henna has no harmful effects, however if you have sensitive skin or allergies to essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, please request a test first. Also please be aware there is no such thing as black henna. Black henna uses PPD chemicals, used in hair dye, to cause a dark black stain and also causes permanent bruising. White henna is also a modern myth, it is a paint like substance that creates leaves a white stain that is temporary. Gliding body paints are often used for the multi color effects and are safe for use if purchased from a reputable source. Another element of henna is a mixture with henna and jagua, a Peruvian fruit whose gel when left on skin leaves a midnight blue stain. When mixed in small amounts with henna paste it can darken the stain of natural henna to a chocolate brown. Jagua is a safe to apply to all types of skin.

Henna also prevents sunburns, please be advised if you are pale and are exposed to the sun after applying henna you will be left with a reverse tan. Although sometimes fun, it can take much longer than the normal two week period for the design to fade.

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