Hallmark Cards Cultural Event

henna in kansas

I was honored to be invited to Hallmark Cards for their employee cultural enrichment program for the Muslim Holiday of Eid. Their beautiful display of traditional rugs and cards created for the biannual holiday was a perfect setting for inspiration. I was joined by a calligraphy and silk artist during the event. It is great to work with companies that appreciate their employee’s and provide them with cultural enrichment during work hours and the opportunity to relax. I am impressed to learn that many employees have worked at the corporate headwaters for upwards of three decades. I do admire the businesses in Kansas and Missouri that have build a sound foundation of recruiting talent and make every effort to retain it too. It is part of the reason why Kansas City has become this thriving destination especially for young entrepreneurs. If you or your business is interested in hosting a special event for cultural enrichment, please contact me for special group rates. I love coming out to share my art and educate my audience about my culture and the rich history of henna.

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