Healing with Henna

I started doing henna designs as a young girl. For family members during holidays, at weddings. Eventually when I decided to share my art with the public at festivals I wanted this to be more than just getting a temporary tattoo. I sought to share a part of my cultural heritage and my creativity so it could bring joy, as it does for me. Over the course of six years I think I have done over 5, 000 individual designs for clients from all over the world. I’ve heard stories of how they have always wanted a real ink tattoo but refrained because of objections from a family member, fear or pain, or just couldn’t make a permanent commitment to mark their bodies. For others there is an adrenal rush of being a muse of creativity and adorned with body art that they find empowering. Cultures around the world use tattoos to mark hierarchy and importance and it is no surprise some find connecting with their inner strength when the tattoo is complete. Recently I had an experience that moved me dearly. I met a young mother trying desperately to heal herself through a bitter divorce while suffering from cancer. As I began my design she asked if I could incorporate a symbol for cancer support as a reminder for her to have courage. As the design evolved she shared her pain and wiped away tears. And through misty eyes just looked at her henna art. Then she smiled and told me how grateful she was that I just listened to her. She hadn’t felt heard in years. She had been talked to, told how she should feel. How her life was a failure because of her actions. But no one had just listened. I gave her a hug and wiped away my own tears. It doesn’t take much to make a positive difference in someone’s day. It doesn’t take much to be kind. Just a gentle reminder to put away judgement and our own fears and treat others with respect. Apologize when you hurt someone and humble yourself. If that is too much then just listen. It could mean the world to someone. I share this with love and hope because I find healing in my henna art and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

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