Henna: Color of my dreams

There is a sense of magic in the air when henna is applied. The scent of henna mixed with lavender oil and rose water has a calming effect that soothes pre-wedding jitters. Its a moment for the bride to just sit back and relax and ponder her dreams and desires and plan the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. In typical Indian weddings the house is full of excited guests, cousins and nieces dotting on the beautiful bride. Suggestive jokes and laughter echo all around. Drum beats cue the notes for Aunties as they signs traditional songs, occasionally busting out into dance moves mocking the latest dance moves from a popular Bollywood song. The songs turn to stories, of the young mischievous girl who embodied a tom-boy spirit, rivaling her brothers in sports. Sought adventures worldwide and never once hesitated to follow her dreams. Now she begins a new chapter of her life and adds color to her dreams.


bridal shimmer design by Arooj -6 bridal shimmer design by Arooj -3

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Bridal Henna in Kansas City by Master of Henna

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