Henna: the healer within

While the art of henna tattoos is still a relatively new discovery of expression in the West, henna itself has a long history of application and benefits in the Eastern world. The Ancient Egyptians used henna as a status symbol but more so they harnessed the medicinal power of this plant.Ayurveda medicine applies henna for more than just its beautiful stain, instead it is used to cure an array of ailments. As a medical plant henna is use as an antibacterial, antifungal sedative that cures sunburns. When applied to the temple of the head it creates an instant cooling effect throughout the body, but be vary, if you have light colored hair you’ll be left with a nice orange stain.

Henna oil, obtained from ground leaves of fresh henna plant, is used to ease rheumatic and arthritic pains. When mixed with mustard oil and massaged onto the scalp it is considered to stimulate hair growth, Of course, it is a nourishing oil for luscious locks and can be added to henna powder to create hair dye. If you enjoy the scent of henna, mix a little with rose water and apply lightly to the forehead to relieve a heat induced headache.

Whenever using henna, be it for adornment or for its medical properties make sure to obtain the best quality. Protect your skin and avoid chemical henna at all cost. I hope you enjoyed these little known facts about henna. Leave a comment or a question.

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