Is that so…

Kansas City, Kansas is not a destination I ever imagined on my journey, but here I am in the heart land cultivating my henna art and meeting amazing people along the way. I met another traveler recently, on her way from the East coast to the West. She traveled to a mediation sanctuary in town to rejuvenate her soul, mind, and body. Along the way she searched for a blessing and body art and came across master of henna. We sat together as I did a free style design that ebbed and flowed like our conversation with the fluidity of water. The design resonated with her she said, and told me of her ancestry that linked to the Northern native tribes who at the time were in feud with the federal government over access of clean water. As the waves joined rocks and her designed blossomed into a heart she knew her journey was meaningful and the transformation she sought was eminent. She thanked me as I thanked her, and together we co created a beautiful design honoring her journey and my art.

I often hear people say they can not find henna in Kansas or Missouri but I am always amazed when travelers knock on my door seeking a wondrous experience. I welcome all who wish to learn about this magnificent artform of henna. If you would love to experience a custom design please book a session by emailing

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