Persian Night and Intuitive henna

What is better than dancing and henna? Persian dancing with the incredible Neda Cranes. The talented instructor is the owner of Trinity Wellness, a holistic healing hot spot in Blues Springs, MO. From wellness classes, massages to her incredible hand made body butters the center is a beacon of living well and loving what you do. I had the pleasure of meeting Neda several years ago and I felt immense gratitude to have her in my life. Every Fall she hosts a fun cultural workshop in honor of her Iranian heritage and teaches guests the exotic moves to Persian dancing. As she moves with grace she shares stories from her childhood. Stories of her mother and aunts teaching her the alluring ways dance and music become a language of enchantment and courtship. In a country where women aren’t seen, their movements become powerful behind the veil of a black chader. The class is a wonderful opportunity to learn about another culture, experience the soulful music and food. This year, I wanted to offer a different take with my henna. Instead of offering pres elected designs I sought inspiration from my guests. I wanted to know what moved them, what spoke to their heritage and how they chose to honor themselves. As I listened, shapes formed and the henna paste linked stroke to stroke to create some of the most exciting tattoos I have designed to date. Most importantly, their meanings caught us all off guard.

The Banyaan Tree,
Cassey is an instructor at Trinity Wellness seeking to grow her personal practice and help others in service to realize their true destinies. Her design began with the lotus bud which signifies enlightenment and self actualization. From there its bloomed into roots, spreading like the banyaan tree. Sharing its energy with the earth and the skies and creating a strong network rooted in its goodness around her.

The Eagle and Mountain
FRANCESCA is a massage therapist with an eagle tattoo on her wrist. She spoke fondly of her family and her Mexican heritage. Working with the soaring eagle ink tattoo I was inspired to create a landscape honoring her family with mountains and lush fields and a flowing river that lead to the sea where a boat sailed. “Here is wishing you adventure and safe travels,” I said. She gasped. “that is what my grandmother used to say!”

The Seahorse
“Just something simple” was the request but her friends chimed in and spoke of her quiet strength and leadership ability. Her skills in being firm but gentle and a free spirit seeking adventure. I started with no firm idea but let the shape evolve, and soon saw the stylized sea horse emerge. “Have you even seen a seahorse?” I asked. She shook her head no. “they are magical creatures,” I said and continued to explain how in the turbulent currents in the depth of the ocean sea horse are forces of calm. How they gently wrap their tails around a weed and just sway, just sweet and gentle as can be. So carefree and undisturbed. “I’ve always had trouble deciding my spirit animal, now I think i found one!”

Visit Trinity Wellness at and join their classes and workshops. They are a year round treat. Special events include a Small Business Saturday day after Thanksgiving. Great place to shop for gifts!

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