Say NO to Black Henna

“Do you have black henna?”
I always cringe at the question, before explaining my product is 100% natural henna dye without any harmful chemicals such as PPD that cause deep burns.
 “If you ever hear someone say ‘black henna’ run the other way,” I say. Why? Because causing near permanent scars are never worth the dark stains. EVER.
I use the natural green henna from Rajasthan, a province of India. The powder has a strong fragrance and grainy quality that requires careful handling. My favorite mixes include rose water, lavender essential oil, sugar and a few drops of lemon. I also use a very concentrated form known as ‘irk’. The  paste is so dense and gel like that it instantly stains the skin in a dark chocolate color that resembles black ink.

Another question that I am beginning to hear more and more is: “DO you use
Again the answer is NO. Henna is NEVER white, and
henna is NEVER black. It is a beautiful range of reddish orange to chocolate
brown depending on how well your skin stains. The white henna you may have seen
is actually a gliding paint known as moonlight. It adheres to your skin like a
paste and stays on for a few days. Beautiful concept but not

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