Spring Break Fever! BOGO Special!

Sniff sniff… Do you smell that?

THAT my loves are the flowers blooming.

Spring is right around the corner and resort towns are buzzing with college students enjoying Spring Break.

But if you are in Kansas City and looking to start of your vacation just right make an appointment with Master of Henna for her special BUY ONE GET ONE Henna tattoo bonanza! That’s right! Starting today you will receive two tattoos for the price of ONE. How awesome is THAT! Don’t wait till you get to the beach and ready to soak in the pool. Start your vacation right here! Call me by March 17 and bring your girlfriends!

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK! Call today: 440-941-5222

Henna tattoo designs by master of henna using natural henna product.

If you are already on a beach some place nice here are a few tips to keep your henna stain lively and deep.

!. Avoid chlorine water and chemical based hard sunscreens at all cost or your can kiss your henna good bye! Why? Because they both exfoliate your skin fading the stain very quickly.

!. If you can’t stay away from the pool protect your henna by lathering up with a rich natural moisture balm made with coconut oil and bees wax that creates a natural barrier between your skin and the water without washing away at first splash!

! Do your research on local artists that are out a plenty at resorts and destination spots looking for naive visitors. If any of them claim to offer “black henna” RUN. Don’t walk. I mean it. RUN. You want to remember your vacation as the best time of your life, not the spot where you permanently scared your skin.

! Pay the price. Destination henna artists that offer quality henna and decent designs are likely to be priced higher. Don’t skimp by going to someone cheaper around the block. Pay the pretty penny for quality. You won’t regret it.

BUT if you are staying home for Spring Break and still want to dream of an exotic vacation, make an appointment with me right here at home. 😉 See ya!


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