Tattoo Trials

Let’s face it, getting a real ink tattoo is a long term commitment and should take some pondering. I love it when clients come to me and ask me to create a unique design while they ponder what they would want in a life long tattoo. Henna’s temporary body art is a great way to experience a trial. Bring your ideas or let me create something unique for you.

I have recently started experimenting with jagua juice in my natural henna paste. For those of you unfamiliar with jagua, it is a fruit that known as Genipa americana, that is native to South America. The Peruvians are known to extract the gel from the fruit and use its pigment to stain their skin in elaborate tribal body art. Jagua gel is completely safe and give a rich blue purple stain that looks almost black to the human eye. Because the gel is much thinner than henna paste it is possible to use fine applicator tips for intricate details to replicate the feel and look of ink tattoos.

The exquisite details are great, but I still love the texture and control of the henna paste and incorporate jagua for elaborate multi tone designs.

So the next time your teenager requests a tattoo for their 18th birthday bring them to Olathe, KSĀ  for some henna fun. It’s also a great alternative if you fear needles!

Appointments are required and trials can range between $50 to $150 dollars depending on details and size. Here is one I recently created for someone seeking healing as she returned home.

Scorpio design

Zodiac symbol in henna design


“Returning home” symbolic tattoo

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